Private Space’ is a visual masterpiece, a collection of 188 images compiled into this one beautiful book.  Matthew Willman’s latest book is an incredible journey not only as a photographer but also as a former dancer himself.  The collection took 5 years to produce working with 88 dancers from 42 countries on 5 continents.

There is a relationship between a dancer and a photographer. The two it seems are married to each other not by the means with which they achieve their greatness, but rather by their passion that creates the magic. No great photographer was without their camera, yet no one will say the photographers’ talent lay with the camera. No great dancer was without their stage, yet no one ever said a dancer’s greatness was because of the stage. It’s not about the stage and it’s not about the camera. The art lies solely with the creativity and imagination of these two artists. Both with years of training and experience who if for only a few moments have the power to move the audience into a space that is somewhere between reality and the dream.



Matthew Willman’s first autobiographical book does not fail to impress. Matthew has previously published a number of photographic compilations accompanied by insightful commentary. Here for the first time he opens up about his private world. This book will leave you laughing whilst scratching your head and wondering how on earth it all occurred.

‘Tripping over Presidents’ is the remarkable true story of a young man facing the challenges of making a photographic career for himself.  With spirited determination, Willman set out to discover both himself and others and to ‘participate in the world’. In the process, he had the privilege of meeting and interacting with many great leaders, musicians and artists, as well as those on the periphery of society. Willman’s single-minded determination to shake the hand of Nelson Mandela started him on a journey few could ever have imagined.

Matthew Willman is a photographer, storyteller, documentarian and unconventional adventurer. His quest to break down the barriers which define our stereotypes, stigma’s, protocols and views of authority, have afforded him many incredible opportunities to not only photograph but engage with the world.

This book is an opportunity to share some of those stories. It may leave you wanting to hear more. It will definitely inspire you to follow your dreams and begin your own exploration of the adventure we call ‘life’.



A 10 year photographic journey.

The extraordinary life and legacy of Nelson Mandela defined an era in South Africa’s history. For nine years Matthew Willman relentlessly pursued his dream to shake the hand of Nelson Mandela. That journey opened the door for Willman to work as a commissioned photographer to the Nelson Mandela Foundation for a further 10 years. Contracted to archive and document the life and times of Nelson Mandela through photography, Willman amassed a collection of unique and definitive images.

This soft covered book is a photographic journey from Mandela’s humble beginnings, through his struggle to achieve freedom for all South Africans to his post presidential years, serving causes close to his heart. Willman shares some of the most intimate images ever captured of Nelson Mandela’s life. It is a celebration, a testament to the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.